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Learn epic swordplay from sports-safe certified, dedicated coaches, make friends, play games; improve physical and cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, speed, strength, and focus while having incredible fun!

The Art Of The Sword

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At Fairfax Fencers, we believe that anyone can learn to fence! It’s one of the few sports in which people of different ages, builds, and genders compete on equal terms. We strive to offer a fun, rewarding, and welcoming experience to anyone who comes through our door. Students learn to attack with the intent to hit and to defend with the intent not to be hit.  This integrates the mind fully with the actions of the body.

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Our mission at Fairfax Fencers is to inspire passion for the sport of Fencing. Becoming a part of our Fencers Family is easy, and affordable. After you have completed our Introductory Program, you can move to our Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced classes. If you have previous fencing experience, you can skip the Introductory Program, and move to the level which is best-suited for you.


A light weight thrusting sword emerged in the 18th Century as a training weapon/system. Target area for the foil is limited to the torso and foil fencers must adhere to the convention of Priority or Right-of -Way, which determines who has the right to attack at any given point during a bout. As Foil helps one develop mastery of basic parry and riposte sword skills, and a balance of offense and defense, it is the classic entrée to fencing; however, Foil fencing is also an exciting and challenging Olympic sport unto itself. 


Epeé, a larger and heavier thrusting sword than the Foil, evolved from 19th Century Dueling.  In Epeé the whole body is a target and there is no convention of Right-of-Way. Epeé requires patience, concentration, defense-oriented fencing,  careful timing, and effective use of feints and counter attacks. Since the preferred target in fencing is often the opponent’s hand and arm Epeé also requires mastery of point control.


The Saber is a descendant of the Napoleonic Era cavalry sword.  Like Foil, Saber fencing adheres to the convention of Right-of-Way a rule that determines which fencer has the initiative and thus is awarded a point when there is a double touch. Unlike Foil and Epee which are thrusting weapons the Saber is an edge weapon. Saber fencers most often attack with a cutting or slashing action; however, one can attack with any part of the blade including thrusting with the tip. In keeping with its cavalry origin the target area the target area for the Saber is everywhere above the waist excluding the hands.

Saber bouts are typically dynamic, explosive, quick affairs!

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Fairfax Fencers Summer Fencing Camp 2023

Summer Fencing Camp is a fabulous way to learn the art of the sword or take your skills to the next level. Learn epic sword play from sports-safe certified, dedicated coaches, make friends, play games; improve physical and cognitive skills, hand-eye coordination, balance, speed, strength and focus while having incredible fun!

Full Day | 9:00 – 4:00 PM – $370.00 

Half Day | 12:30 – 4:00 PM – $289.00

(early drop-off and late pickup available at no additional fee)



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